Guests Rooms Chez Louis

Residence Les Adraits

Pricing information

Our prices are modulated according to the periods (High, Medium, Low season).
During high ski season reservations are made from Saturday to Saturday, for 7 or 14 consecutive days.
Outside the high ski season, reservations can be made from any day of the week, for a minimum of 3 consecutive days.
The proposed base rate is for 2 people.
However, it is possible to book a maximum of 4 people.

Service information

You have access to the studio for the duration of the rental. 2 sets of keys with RFID pass for access to the residence and ski room key will be given to you. The cleaning of the apartment is included in the service. It is taken care of by us before your arrival and after your departure. We provide a set of towels per personn. The conditions defined below only apply to reservations made on this site. For, … see the conditions defined on these sites. Quilts and duvet sets are also provided for each sleeping place. Access to WiFi and TV in the apartment are included in the service. We ask that you use reasonable bandwidth as well as the nature of the content you will be accessing via WiFi.

Cancellation and reimbursement of the stay

Any cancellation no later than 1 month (30 days) before the start of the stay gives the right to a full refund (*).
Any cancellation in the month (30 days) preceding the start of the stay gives the right to a refund of 50% of the amount of the stay (*).
Any cancellation during or after the stay will not give the right to any refund whatever the reason for the cancellation. (*) Less bank charges that would apply to payments already made, i.e. around 2 to 3%).

Check-in & Check-out


Guarantee of stay

We entrust you with an apartment in perfect condition.

In return, you must therefore observe strict compliance with the following rules and send us a deposit check in the amount of € 500 before the start of the rental.

This check will be returned to you at the end of your stay.

Keep in mind that rentals are linked: any significant degradation can have catastrophic repercussions for everyone.

The bank card and / or the deposit check that you provided will be used as security for the damage you have caused.

If the amount of damage exceeds the bond, additional costs will be claimed.

We draw your attention that any breach of the regulations is punishable.

For example, smoking is prohibited in the studio. This is detrimental to the tenants who follow and keeps the studio in good condition. You are not prohibited from smoking, but go outside (not to the window).

You are liable to prosecution if you cause significant damage and / or nuisance in any form whatsoever in the apartment and / or the residence.


Virtual visit

On this site (and now on TitTok) we offer you a virtual tour of our apartments.

You will be able to realize the quality of our services before booking.

Good visit !