Guests Rooms Chez Louis

Residence la Fresnaie

Check In

Check-in is done on the day the reservation begins, between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. (or at the agreed time if this is the case) directly at the apartment.

If you want a different time, contact us.

The address of the meeting point for check-in is:

Residence of La Fresnaie
239, Route de la Porte de France
Apartment “Chez Louis”
1st floor left
39220 Les Rousses

The entrance door to the residence is coded, the code is XXXXX.

You can reach us on 06 95 16 60 75.

At check-in we will explain the operation of the apartment (TV, Internet, household appliances, waste management and recycling …).

We will then ask you:

the deposit check.
payment of the stay or the balance of the stay.

We will give you 2 sets of keys and agree on a check-out time.

Check Out

Check-out is usually in the morning between 08AM and 10AM.

We will agree on a check-out time at the time of check-in.

Check-out is done directly at the apartment.

The deposit check will be given to you (unless damage has been noted).


Virtual visit

On this site (and now on TitTok) we offer you a virtual tour of our apartments.

You will be able to realize the quality of our services before booking.

Good visit !